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Vintage New York Shirt .Men in the so you should to go to store and get this West do wear skirts and dresses. However, the proportion of men wearing skirts to women wearing pant suits is miniscule. There are a number of reasons why men don’t wear skirts. For some, it’s a combination of ignorance and/or fear. This group has no interest in wearing a skirt, never experienced the comfort of wearing one and are unlikely to try one on for fear of what others will think and say. The second group have experienced the comfort of wearing a skirt but won’t wear one openly because of the same fears shared by the first group. These fears are rooted in rejection by wives, girl friends, family, friends, and co-workers and not wanting to be associated with negative stereotypes of femininity. There are also fears of appearing as a crosssdresser, transgender, or gay. For men who would like to wear their skirts publicly, most professional work places have sex-based dress codes that would require making an appeal through management. Some fancy restaurants require men to wear a jacket and tie. I did read a post where some men were kicked off a golf course for wearing skirts. That being said, there are no laws or rules that prohibit men from wearing skirts or dresses in public.

Vintage New York Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Vintage New York Shirt
Vintage New York Shirt

Vintage New York Shirt .Only collective societal norms discourage men from doing so. Western society associates skirts with femininity and femininity is stereotyped and ridiculed as being weak. As a result, women and men in the West are being encultured to shun all things feminine and express all forms of masculinity. The West is moving to a single gender world of masculinity. In Hollywood, this is reflected in the production of movies of karate-chopping women kicking ass. Women and men gravitate towards fashions that reflect masculinity. In regards to men wearing skirts, Western society is asking why would you want to look and aspire to be weak? Depending on the situation, many women try avoid looking too much like a girly girl. The rare occasions when women want to look feminine is when there is a desire to look sexy. Hollywood trumpets this role when steamy sex scenes are scripted. Masculinity sells when political campaigns begin. Look at the 2016 U.S. presidential election. There’s a reason why Hillary Clinton wore a pants suit for key public appearances. Your question challenges one of many double standards that exist in this imperfect world. With the exception of spouses who fear the embarrassment of being seen with their husband in a skirt, most women are indifferent or supportive to men wearing skirts. Most skirt-wearing men within Quora have shared experiences of no feedback from men and positive feedback from women. The only person keeping you from wearing a skirt or dress in public is you. Do you want to make skirt-wearing by men the norm? Then get out in public wearing a skirt.


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