Vintage 90s Cardinal Bird Shirt


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Vintage 90s Cardinal Bird Shirt .I’m 23yrs old, I went trick or treating with my friend his gf and her little sisters last year. My buddy and I wore only dollar store avengers masks. People who are “older” won’t go to every house, we won’t bombard children out of the  Personally it’s the nostalgia, though we’re old we still hold on to our childhoods. I’m sorry I’d rather be trick or treating that TPing your house and pranking you. Funniest part about it was her dad said “you know he could’ve passed for 16 but than he had to light up a cigarette” with said cigarette in mouth i was still given candy. So this entire post just shows how selfish and radical humanity can be, how quick you’re forced to grow up by society is just sad. Glad they don’t do this in Knoxville my son is going to be 20 in October. He is Autistic and loves trick or treating. There would be no way for me to explain he couldn’t go with his cousins.

Vintage 90s Cardinal Bird Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Vintage 90s Cardinal Bird Shirt
Vintage 90s Cardinal Bird Shirt

Vintage 90s Cardinal Bird Shirt .All ages are welcome to trick or treat at my home. Us millennials have really destroyed the fun in holidays. Last year I had about 70 trick or treaters. when I was a . I will happily buy extra candy toys treats to hand out to children and adults. Sure beats doing drugs and vandalism. Get over your selves and hand out the damn candy. How sad that we are forcing kids to grow up so quickly. And then everyone wonders why they are so unhappy. This is utter bullcrap. My kids all enjoy trick-or-treating. I even dress up and go with them. Just let them enjoy the holiday.


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