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USSCODs Submarines Shirt .We’ve definitely been honing our dyeing techniques. Because this is all happening in-house, we can lay down a yard of hand-dyed fabric; I can place the  Furthermore, I will do this pattern directly where I want it to be cut on that hand-dyed section. We can then take the sleeve and we can position that so it has a juxtaposition, more like a real-life collage. We’re dyeing it, placing the pattern, we’re cutting it, and then we’re sewing it together. So it really is like a quilt or a collage.We invested in this massive heat press a year ago. It allows me to work on fabrics the  Furthermore, I will do this same way that I work on a collage on paper. The hot rod engines are appropriated images from different sources, hot rod magazines and so forth. They’re juxtaposed with all of these images of artificial hearts. I have been making this archive of those images for quite some time, and I haven’t really made too many collages with the images, but it’s something that I’ve kind of become obsessed with.

USSCODs Submarines Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

USSCODs Submarines  Classic Women's T-shirt
USSCODs Submarines Classic Women’s
USSCODs Submarines  Long Sleeved T-shirt
USSCODs Submarines Long Sleeved
USSCODs Submarines  Unisex Sweatshirt
USSCODs Submarines Unisex Sweatshirt
USSCODs Submarines  Unisex Hoodie
USSCODs Submarines Unisex Hoodie
USSCODs Submarines Shirt
Classic Men’s
USSCODs Submarines Shirt .In this tiny little town in southern Pennsylvania called New Freedom and it was not new, and was not free! I went to this, like, this farming school almost. My parents were hippies. They were great, but they thought that they wanted to buy this farm and become farmers. Without really knowing it they plunked us down in one of the In addition,I will do this hardest areas. The neighbors looked at my parents and thought, you know, What are these freaks doing here?They really are. Also, we had a number of communities close to us when I was growing up there were Amish or Mennonite. I remember I would be standing there with my skateboard at the In addition,I will do this convenience store and there’d be these Mennonite or Amish kids with their heads down. I always felt the nuance of that was so intimate—just kind of hidden. The longer I’ve thought about clothing, the performance of it, and the way that people wear clothing, the more I can relate to them. I like things that are very simple to wear. I mean, I’m wearing a pair of jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. The sweatshirt bonded with this neoprene material inside. We made it for me, it’s heavy. I think I probably have some sensorial things that are habitual. But I like things to be a little bit more around me; it feels safe, it feels intimate. And I relate to that in those bonnets as well.
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3 reviews for USSCODs Submarines Shirt


    Loved the simple design on this shirt so I decided to order one. I received it and I am more than happy with it!

  2. Cody Mocciaro

    Awesome hoodie for the money. Nice slim fit.

  3. karenhiggi

    Bought for my fiance and gotBought for my fiance and got compliments everywhere we went. compliments everywhere we went.

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