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Toy Gang Boys Shirt . The PCs are allowed cordially into the club, with a statement that they’re on the VIP list. Nervously, but graciously, they accept the. They get their first round of drinks on the house, and the DJ, Lady Alushinyrra, makes a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to the club, asking the whole crowd to welcome tonight’s Starfinders to the Neon Queen. Disconcerted by how… friendly… their enemies are being, the party decides to enjoy themselves while poking around for information. Problem! There are agents in the club. I mean, two NPCs who have Agent class levels and can use an equivalent of sneak attack with their electric truncheons. With the crowd to act as cover and a ludicrous amount of noise booming through the club, it’s practically perfect cover to stealthfully remove the PCs. Two of them get sneak-attacked, one of them gets beaten down to around half health — in the middle of the dance floor, no less, which counts as Difficult terrain.

Toy Gang Boys Shirt,hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Toy Gang Boys Shirt
Toy Gang Boys Shirt

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