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Rosscreations Follow The Crowd T-shirt . HeavenShirt So it seems entirely possible that designers around the  Additionally,I will love this world could pitch in to make surgical drapes, regular gowns, and maybe even face masks. Perhaps the larger brands and luxury groups could partner with hospitals or health-care bodies to find a way to make hospital-approved sterile gowns and drapes, too; LVMH’s move to divert its fragrance factories to make hand sanitizer likely sparked a lot of ideas. (In a rare instance of our jobs overlapping, Liz knew about the LVMH news before I did; hand sanitizer is another supply she hasn’t been able to find at the hospital.) Let’s face it: Nurses and doctors can use all of the support they can get, whether it’s physical, monetary, or emotional. Liz’s Instagram feed is mostly filled with pleas and testimonials from other nurses and doctors who feel unsafe; they’re being expected to work until they’re sick, and do not have the means or supplies to stay healthy. Sure, it’s the job they “signed up for,” but no one signs up for nursing or medical school thinking the entire planet is going to shut down for a crisis, or that their hospital wouldn’t be able to protect them from it. They feel blindsided and at risk, so if you can find a way to help—whether it’s by donating, sending food, making masks, or simply sharing words of encouragement—please do.

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Rosscreations Follow The Crowd T-shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
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Unisex Sweatshirt
Rosscreations Follow The Crowd T-shirt Unisex Hoodie
Unisex Hoodie
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Classic Men’s
Rosscreations Follow The Crowd T-shirt . HeavenShirt Yesterday California governor Gavin Newsom ordered all 40 million Californians to stay at home—effectively forcing all nonessential businesses in the  Additionally,I will love this state to close shop and residents to remain indoors. We can leave only to get groceries, supplies, or medicine and go outside only as long as we’re six feet from anyone else. San Francisco has been under a shelter-in-place edict since Monday, and the streets have been very quiet and the beaches and jogging paths along the bay very busy. (No one pays attention to the six-feet rule.) I’d shuttered the San Francisco and Marin locations of my women’s specialty store, Hero Shop, upon the announcement. But it took me a while to make it official (read: post it on Instagram). The news changed every minute. Not to mention I was having a very hard time with the messaging. How do you bridge the gap between “the world is ending, please stay safe” and “wait, look at this cute new Ganni dress that arrived yesterday”?
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4 reviews for Rosscreations Follow The Crowd T-shirt

  1. Patrick McGuire

    I like the shirt in general its a strong message, also it would be a nice shirt for 80,90 partys


    good. nice clothing

  3. rrock2628

    This shirt is good quality and fits good. Most shirts I get XL and they are baggy on me. This one fit perfect, so I would say it fits a bit smaller than normal. Great color and shirt!

  4. Leoandra Zulma

    Love it! Simple,nice and fits the body well enough. A nice shirt.

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