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I am in the Quantitude Neon Logo shirt .and I love this process of cutting out my sister-in-law and her husband, and I am absolutely gutted. We’ll call my sister-in-law Jill. Jill has always been the black sheep of the family. She was very wild in high school, and she flunked out of college. She partied hard, and was the hot girl around town. She’s made some very bad decisions in her life, and her family has always had to clean up her mess. Well, my father-in-law unexpectedly passed away from a stomach aneurysm. My husband found him bled out. It was absolutely devastating. We were very close to him. Jill, however, was not. The day my father-in law died, Jill told us she didn’t have the means to help us with his funeral. So we paid it. That day, she took off with my father-in-law’s truck. She came back two weeks later, and stole his tractor and four wheeler.

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My father-in-law was in severe debt, and he still had a mortgage Quantitude Neon Logo shirt . We had to pay the mortgage, or his property (which includes a house, barn, fishing pond, and ten acres) would go into foreclosure. We got absolutely no help from Jill and her husband. Well, on Christmas Day, she announced that she wanted to keep her father-in-law’s property for herself. My husband told her she had to buy him out at the fair market value price. She had a complete and total meltdown. She cried and said she wanted the property for sentimental purposes (even though she may have visited him once a year), and that all my husband cared about was money. Then, her 18 year old son got in my husband’s face accusing him of taking advantage of his poor mom while she was in such a fragile state. It was hands-down the worst Christmas of my life. About a month later, she and her husband called my husband and said they did want to buy him out. They said it was the right thing to do, and my husband was elated. I never once trusted it. Jill hadn’t worked for years and her husband had terrible credit. My husband was hopeful. I was not. Well, Jill didn’t realize I was friends with someone in her inner circle. Apparently, Jill planned to pull a bait and switch. She would move into the property under the guise of buying us out. She would establish herself as a resident. Then she would say well the loan fell through, but surely you wouldn’t kick out your own sister.
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4 reviews for Quantitude Neon Logo shirt

  1. Darla Georgevich

    Love it! Simple,nice and fits the body well enough. A nice shirt.

  2. Barbara Lawler

    Loved how this looked when I got it!
    Good price and good product!

  3. Charles Cook

    Just what I was expecting

  4. tthomas

    perfect size and nice fabric

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