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Not flat earth Nasa shirt . heavenshirt Another example is my own father. He’s a successful, self made businessman and now a multimillionaire and was a renowned philanderer to who age was of no concern. Women and girls to him were sex objects, things to be lasciviously commented on and often fondled, even his own daughters were. Females still are viewed by him in that way but, he’s lost his virility and is in his eighties and losing his marbles, so it happens fractionally less now. He was and still is terribly arrogant and proud of himself, spouting constantly about his achievements, how he helps others less fortunate than him (always with a caveat) and frequently flouted and showed off his wealth, but he didn’t share it with us kids three girls and one boy. He’d just do a lot of carrot dangling and making promises to give us hope! Our mum chucked him out when she discovered his affairs. Mum struggled to pay the

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Not flat earth Nasa shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
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Not flat earth Nasa shirt . heavenshirt  but in fact I love this bills but never told him how hard it was. To give him credit he did continue to pay for our private educations but his ambition for us girls never really amounted more than to us finding ourselves good husbands who’d take care of us. My interest and talent in Art would apparently get me nowhere and was scoffed at. I’d have loved to make a career out of it but he never believed I had the capacity to make a decent living out of it, at best he thought it could be a pleasant pastime. My main role was to be mother and wife, an obedient servant to my successful husband. Mine turned out to be even more controlling and narcissistic (and abusive) than he was and his “know it all’ and never enough attitude particularly when it came to money, meant he borrowed far more than he could ever repay and refused to listen to anyone’s advice or admitted to any mistakes, so failed to learn from them. As a result he has never made a success of anything and repeated his mistakes over and over again which in the end left us with not a penny; that’s when I finally chucked him out. My father went on to marry a girl I love her to bits who was three years below me at my school. I was in my early twenties by then. They had two daughters, the eldest of who showed interest in film. The chance of her becoming a young celebratory film maker appealed to my father’s ego.
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