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Japanese video game giant Nice Cheech Chong 20 In Weed We Trust shirt . Nintendo teamed up with t-shirt brand Uniqlo to bring you the biggest t-shirt design competition in the world. Uniqlo is known to launch the global competition since 2011 with a variety of themes, such a? Star Wars, Pixar, rock bands and more.This year the theme is Nintendo and t-shirt designers all over the world (professionals and amateurs), regardless of age, nationality, gender or any other affiliation can add their entries for a chance to win the big prize of $10 000! The second prize is not to be taken for granted either: $3000, while general awards will be of $500. Both grand prize and second prize winners will be invited to an official award ceremony where they will meet Shigeru Miyamoto!You can use any of the characters which appear in the following games series: ” The Super Mario series, the Zelda series, the Pokémon series, the Animal Crossing series, the Star Fox series, the Pikmin series, the Metroid series, the Kirby series, the Donkey Kong series, and Splatoon.The whole array of information about the submission process, design content and other copyright restrictions are specified in the Q&A section, on the site.

Nice Cheech Chong 20 In Weed We Trust shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Nice Cheech Chong 20 In Weed We Trust  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Nice Cheech Chong 20 In Weed We Trust  Hoodie
Nice Cheech Chong 20 In Weed We Trust  Sweatshirt
Nice Cheech Chong 20 In Weed We Trust  Unisex
Given the madness that ensued following the launch of the Pokemon Go app, it was expected to have something from the realm of video games Nice Cheech Chong 20 In Weed We Trust shirt . Also, the t-shirt design community is known for its affinity towards pop culture characters, especially classic video games.And the competition is getting even more enticing because of the main man that will judge the designs – none other than the senior managing director and creative fellow at Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto himself.Thanks to the hype of all 4th of July sales I ran across a wonderful independent t-shirt brand that utilizes the minimal style of typographic text in the best way possible.The Good Union comes from the United States, Chicago to be more exact, and prides itself with the fact that they produce all items in America. The brand founder Jame Bailey was inspired by the industrial city and its blue collar workers from the back seat of his father’s Buick.Fueled by strong work ethic and ingenuity, the Good Union gives us high quality t-shirts, with care for details and an “old but gold” aesthetic.The online shop,.. well, the products are so well presented that they perfectly encompass the above description on the nail! And it ships worldwide.
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