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Mickey Sketch Shirt .I love this same clothes over and over again because he wants to limit the time he spends making “frivolous” decisions so he can concentrate on real work. He said: “I really want to clear my life so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community “I feel like I’m not doing my job if I spend any of my energy on things that are silly or frivolous about my life, so that way I can dedicate all of my energy towards just building the best products and services,” he added.

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Mickey Sketch Shirt
Mickey Sketch Shirt

Mickey Sketch Shirt .HI love this same clothes too- mostly jeans and a black turtleneck shirt. President Barack Obama has a similar theory when it comes to clothes, telling Vanity Fair he has “many other decisions to make” so choosing what suit to wear isn’t on his to-do list. “one less thing to decide” and “more choices you make, the harder each one becomes for your brain” are such a hyped-up excuses. Is selecting a shirt so hard. If you are fine with wearing same shirt every day, I don’t think you would care much about fashion. Trying to buy same shirt in the store is more time consuming than buying “any” shirt. I believe it is more to create a brand and keeping it simple, than having one less thing to decide. How come he started this only after Facebook and not when he is in college or before that. The argument of making bigger decisions when you are a CEO is completely silly. Cmon, it is just selecting a shirt, not signing some treaty with another country to put so much thought into it.


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