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If you’re not hiring Impostor Kinda Sus Crewmate Imposter shirt. right now or you have a small team that’s not very diverse, that’s okay, just speak to that,” she continues. “Acknowledge where you’re at and say, moving forward, I’m going to make every single effort to make sure I am interviewing three Black candidates for every position from now on. This isn’t about cancel culture—it’s about holding each other accountable.

Impostor Kinda Sus Crewmate Imposter shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Impostor Kinda Sus Crewmate Imposter shirt(Guy Tee)
Impostor Kinda Sus Crewmate Imposter shirt(Ladies Tee)
Impostor Kinda Sus Crewmate Imposter shirt(Longsleeve Tee)
Impostor Kinda Sus Crewmate Imposter shirt(Sweattshirt)
Impostor Kinda Sus Crewmate Imposter shirt(Hoodie Tee)

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