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Im a little high maintenance shirt . heavenshirt Spontaneous fun is also something I’m proud of. While their lives are structured and predictable generally in the  Besides,I will do this early years, every now and then breaking the routine and impulsively doing something very fun and special is great for the whole family. We recently started having spontaneous dance parties in our house before bedtime where we blast music and everyone dances around the house. Or even just spontaneously deciding to have a pizza and movie night and let the kids stay up later than usual makes things fun. People certainly aren’t having kids for actively moral reasons. But is it immoral? On some levels, yes, if it’s simply done for the sake of the parents with no regard for the actual gravity of what they’re doing. In fact, that seems never to be discussed either – actually creating sentient life is, basically, playing God. You decide that some people are gonna exist. You can affect their quality of life but ultimately you can’t control it. My parents weren’t expecting me 25 years ago, I know that much. Also, most families have both parents working this is especially true for large families.

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Im a little high maintenance shirt . heavenshirt In their downtime, the parents have to do bills, cleaning, cooking, etc. That does not leave a lot of time to connect with their children, and many children fall to the wayside and feel neglected. This is especially true for less troublesome children. The louder kids get more attention while the quiet, well-behaved ones are overlooked because they don’t require as much monitoring. After working and cooking and cleaning all day, every day for years on end, people get a little tired. They are stressed out and cranky and, more often than not, the parents will take this out on their children. This is usually unintentional, but people are a lot less patient when they are overworked and their tempers are a lot shorter. Children, obviously, require a lot of patience, so this is not a good combination. Less-than-stellar parents may even come to resent their children for making them have to work so hard, which is even worse for the children to have to deal with. In very large families, it is common for the older kids to take care of the younger ones. I know a lot of people who actually list this as a benefit of having a large family. They think it is good because it teaches responsibility at a young age.
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