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I would say the Fishing fish american flag shirt . and by the same token and last thing they’d want for their children is to allow them to be their unique, authentic selves or to have the freedom and resources to follow their interests, use and develop their talents and do what they love most so they grow and thrive, as they’d not be able to control them in the way they want, which is what all narcissists want; to control. A child who’s encouraged to follow their instincts and is allowed to make mistakes and learn from them will begin to discover who they are and what they are here to do than those that don’t and Narcissist parents don’t want that, their children mustn’t to be that free. Narcissists only think of themselves and what they want and when they get it they want to keep and control it, that includes their children. I think that most narcissists see their children as opportunities to enhance their own image and ideally to become extensions of themselves. If they turn out to be the way they want then they’ll take the credit for creating them and for anything they do well. If they do better than them, they’ll show them off like prize possessions. Most narcissists will try to mould the child from the start.

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If however they stray away from how the want them to be, by showing interest in something they’re not interested in, doing something ‘wrong’ or showing any kind of rebelliousness or worst of all questioning or challenging the parent, they’ll likely be severely admonished for it Fishing fish american flag shirt . An example of this was my hugely ambitious narcissist (and alcoholic) ex mother in law. Her son (my ex husband) absolutely adored sport, particularly football which he showed a great talent for and as a young lad was selected for the junior team of a national football club. His mother considered footballers to be idiots and told him he was stupid for even thinking about being one; she wanted her son to be a politician and to rise to the position of prime minister. So she sent him to Winchester College, where his sporting talents were recognised and he became captain of the cricket team amongst other things but not once did his mother show any interest at all and eventually he gave up. She constantly criticised and slated him and she didn’t reward him with praise when he got top grades in academic subjects, she just told him he could do better. As a result he never felt good enough and despite trying there was nothing he could do to get her approval or any unconditional love. So he developed a narcissistic personality disorder and at the age of 12 began to drown his pain in drugs and alcohol.
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    Nice shirt good quality

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    exactly what i want

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    Everyday usage

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    Light weight and comfy!

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