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Thatsweet boy. As we know, Harry went through some tough stuff in his life, arguably more than any other student at Hogwarts. And yet, there he is, observing Neville…considering this friend’s hard life, and understanding/recognizing Neville’s hardships when he could easily wallow in his own or claim them to be tougher than Neville’s. I would argue Harry’s life was tougher than Neville’s, but Harry’s humility allows him to see the anguish of others even in comparison to his own. When I read this scene, it was truly the moment Harry became my favorite character. He’s obviously the main character, but he’s not automatically going to be everyone’s favorite just because of that fact. But he truly is mine, and it’s because of moments like this.

Barstool Sports Merch The Cincinnati Kid shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Classic Men’s
Classic Men’s
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Classic Women’s
Longsleeve Tee
Longsleeve Tee

Every skill in the game has a lot of detail, explicitly enumerating what kinds ofyou can use with them Trained versus Untrained, and expanding on what you can do with them based on what level of Proficiency you’re at and which Skill Feats you have. Many skills have or can gain combat-relevant application through this system. It bears emphasis that skill-based builds are absolutely a thing in this game; you can create an Intimidation Rogue, for instance, who utilizes a combination of Skill Feats and Class Feats based on Intimidation to demoralize and menace the battlefield. A friend of mine created a Performance-based Monk for my test game, which was in a gladiatorial setting, playing the crowd while also distracting enemies from his allies. There’s a lot of things you wish you could do with these skills in other versions of D&D that now not only can you, but they can be downright awesome thanks to the dynamics of the action economy. When you don’t sacrifice your entire turn trying these out, it’s a lot more appealing to throw in these little roleplay-esque flourishes. The only drawback is that there’s so many Feats that it’s hard to navigate your way through a sensible build.


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