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My whole life has Baby Pooh and Scooby Doo shirt . been based on challenge I have a fighter’s instinct in that way, because I like to prove things that they say are impossible to do. I think that is what has kept me going in the industry. I also love what I do and when those challenges work out my way, I feel very triumphant, not just for me but for my whole race.

Baby Pooh and Scooby Doo shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Baby Pooh and Scooby Doo  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Baby Pooh and Scooby Doo  Hoodie
Baby Pooh and Scooby Doo  Sweatshirt
Baby Pooh and Scooby Doo  Unisex
I recently read that you’re no longer interested in the term Supermodel Baby Pooh and Scooby Doo shirt . These days, you want to be thought of as a working model. Working model I like, because when you’re working for yourself, it’s such an exhilarating feeling. I’m really happy now that I didn’t get contracted to a big company before, because I’ve realized that if I put my face to someone else’s product, this might not have worked out for me. Once you put your face to someone else’s brand, people associate you with that brand for the rest of your life. Having this type of contract with Cosmopolitan Cosmetics is like I’m working for myself at the same time. I notice you’re wearing Azzedine Alaïa today. It seems his time has come again. There’s no one like him, no one in the world. Gianni used to only invite one designer to his show and that was Azzedine. He’s so honest with me. I call him Papa. I mean, this man took care of me and protected me from when I was 16. I lived with him for four years—I have my room still in his house—and I think he protected me from what can happen on the other side of the street. Does he discipline you? Oh God, yeah. He tells me when he’s mad and why he’s mad. There can’t be many men who can do that. Yes there are, and those are the men who I think are right for me, because I don’t like men who I can walk all over. That doesn’t work for me. That’s your challenge to the world? I guess so. I like the man to wear the pants. That’s what he’s supposed to wear and I like him wearing them and not me.
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