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If you really like Japanese Baby Pooh and Pikachu shirt . animations and comics you’ve come to the right place. RawMeat is a well-known brand that promotes horror t-shirts designs inspired by the Japanese culture. Searching among their designs you will easily find psychedelic images that have a rough content. Using tons of colors and patterns, RawMeat is offering customers the possibility to turn themselves into real modern monsters. Among their obvious love for horror themes we often find twisted images of death and war. Some of the problems encountered everyday in our society are transformed in a hidden design on their tees. But they are not only a T-shirt brand , exploring the depths of their website you will find an awesome blog where you can read all about other brands specialized in horror themes.

Baby Pooh and Pikachu shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Baby Pooh and Pikachu  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Baby Pooh and Pikachu  Hoodie
Baby Pooh and Pikachu  Sweatshirt
Baby Pooh and Pikachu  Unisex
Even if Halloween is over, we shouldn’t stop searching for a horror T-shirt brand that can scare us on a daily basis Baby Pooh and Pikachu shirt . Below you can see some of their startling designs and don’t forget to visit their Look Book to see their newest creations.It’s funny how every time a pattern trends for mre than a year, its usability expands. Today I ran across some peculiar news which I don’t know how to categorise : “Fashion sweets were about to happen since we have now 3d printed candies” or “Yey! My favourite desert met my favourite print and they decided to have kids”.In case you are wondering what I’m talking about, Baskin Robbins introduced the world to the First Class Camouflage Ice Cream. How does it taste like? Like chocolate, salty caramel, cake flavoured ice creams and a big scoop of dopeness. Yum!To celebrate the news, and to cope with the idea that between me and that ice cream are a couple of thousands of kilometres, I took an ice cream cone from the fridge and looked all over the internet for camouflage t-shirts from some of the bigger streetwear brand.
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