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Skully and friends Baby Donkey and Scooby Doo shirt . Main premise is to invite us to awaken and embrace our inner misfit while celebrating the timelessness and magnificence of friendship (“only a true friend will tell you if your breath stinks,”) diversity (“weirdo power,” “disorganized friend”), emotions (“angry potato”), via kids’ unassuming, playful, cooky designs to help express it. Ticino, Switzerland – Among the mountains of Switzerland was born Wayuco, a young brand with the particularity that their present an augmented reality. By viewing their through the Wayuco smartphone app, the designs literally take life in animations. For the designs to come alive on, the creators have developed an augmented reality application; Something that has taken Alex Andreetta, telecommunications engineer, months of work to create. “It was a constant job search in a territory to explore,” explains Ricardo Fernández.

Baby Donkey and Scooby Doo shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Baby Donkey and Scooby Doo  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Baby Donkey and Scooby Doo  Hoodie
Baby Donkey and Scooby Doo  Sweatshirt
Baby Donkey and Scooby Doo  Unisex
“To develop the project has required a combination of advanced technologies and engineering, which requires a lot of training to handle, but especially creativity to respond to the constant questions that arise during the process Baby Donkey and Scooby Doo shirt .” The brand also offers a feature where you can submit your own kids’ drawings to be made into Skully and friends t-shirt as a way to even further personalize and increase the impact of the brand’s message of playfulness, child-like joy and its harmless amusing weirdness.They hope that the same pull that is attracting users to, which is also based on augmented reality, will also attract users to Wayuco and help the brand take off. Wayuco have simple, straightforward designs, with original animations and as a brand, the designers seek to make life more fun.creates each unique, imaginative design and caters his collection to men, women, and children alike. He aims to add between 5 and 10 new designs every week so customers will always have something new to choose from. Products are made to order, 100% Cotton, and manufactured in their wind-powered factory. They guarantee their products are organic and ethical – for those who not only enjoy looking good, but also care for the planet we live in.
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